Monday, April 21, 2014

Bloomberg: Is Moldova Next on Putin's Hit List?

One of the few potentially positive takeaways from the events transpiring in Ukraine over the last few months is that it's opening many Americans' eyes on the real aftermath of the Cold War on eastern Europe.

Specifically, the sad truth that many ex-Soviet states gained their independence by the skin of their teeth and yet been unable to truly escape the USSR's shadow, now in the form of Putin's Russian Federation.

Ukraine is arguably the biggest "poster child" for this group of states that have yet to truly escape Russia's political, economic, and now military shadow, which raises a rather alarming question: if Ukraine, the largest (by population) and with the 2nd most powerful military of the ex-Soviet states can't successfully resist Russia's overt actions...what chance for smaller countries such as Moldova and the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) have?

Further to this point, is this interesting piece via Jeffrey Goldberg writing on

Is Moldova Next on Putin's Hit List?

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