Wednesday, March 5, 2014

President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims about Ukraine

President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims about Ukraine

Don't believe I've ever posted something from the federal government before. Given the rather pathetic list of claims coming out of Moscow the last few days and the fact the State Department is actually pushing a paper calling these lies out, makes for quite the story in my book.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Trying to Keep Track of Events in Ukraine?

For anyone whose been watching the news lately (including those who could probably care less), the events in Ukraine have become arguably the best piece of world news so far this year. For foreign policy wonks such as myself, all the elements of a captivating story are there: political unrest, the collapse of a government, the threat of an overbearing neighbor, and the rest of the world scrambling and fumbling with how best to respond. 

Of course, this is an oversimplification of what is going on in Ukraine and to be honest, to fully explain the situation would take a bit and while I am a bit "windy", I will spare all the trouble of doing so at the moment. 

Instead, I will leave you with this excellent website I stumbled across a few days ago that has been arguably one of the best sites for coverage of the situation in Ukraine. 


First, I want to thank you, the readers, for looking in on this plucky little blog. Some of you may have stumbled about this blog by accident, some of you may have been readers of my political blog Modern Whig Party, and some of you may even be followers of my rants on Twitter.

One way or another, you found your way here and my sincerest hope is that this blog helps to enlighten you about a topic that sadly very few Americans know enough about: Foreign Policy and Foreign Affairs.

I leave you with the words seen quoted under the title of this blog from President John F. Kennedy, words that ring true today just as it did when he said decades ago..

"Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us."