Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saudis Conduct MASSIVE Military Exercise..But for Whose Benefit?

As reported today by the good folks at the War is Boring website, the Saudi military just days ago held a massive three-pronged series of exercises across their country.

The sheer size of this exercise was not the only unprecedented element, but also its scope and direction. For this exercise did not simply simulate conflict with one of Saudi Arabia's regional threats, but three!

I'll leave the exact details of the exercise to the good folks at the War is Boring, but needless to say, the boldness shown with this exercise and the recent public unveiling of Saudi Arabia's long-known but never seen DF-3 ballistic missiles seem to suggest Saudi Arabia is taking its regional "cold war" with Iran (and her allies in the region) to a new level.

Copters, Marines and Secret Missiles- Saudi Arabia just Pulled Off Its Biggest War Game Ever- War is Boring

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